AVG Ultimate is a fantastic product. The reason? It offers unlimited licenses, that’s right you can install Avg Ultimate on as many devices as you like. This concept of offering unlimited device licenses is something that only a small handful of security software companies offer.
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Is there an alternative to AVG Ultimate?

One of the challenging things about having so many internet-connected

devices is how to secure them all. On average a family of four (2 adults, 2 kids / teenagers) has 10 internet connected devices! How would you secure all of these devices? You could purchase a multi-license Internet Security software but typically these are for 3 – 5 devices. That means you would need to buy and manage 2 licenses. Not mentioning households that have more than 10 devices.


Let’s take a look at some of the other products in the market that offer unlimited licenses like AVG Ultimate does.


One of the most highly regarded security software solutions is Bitedefender, in fact it we ranked it #2 in our top 10 Internet Security Products.The Bitdefender Family Pack is not one of the company’s most marketed products but it is a fantastic solution if you have multiple devices.

So what’s included in the Family Pack from Bitdefender? Let’s have a look at some of the best parts.

1. Multiple OS Support
The Family Pack from Bitdefender includes Security for Windows, MAC, IOS and Android Devices. This means that no matter what devices your family is running you will be protected!

2. Bitedefender VPN Included
In the last few years VPN products have become more affordable and increasingly popular. Fortunately Bitdefender Family Pack has a VPN product included. It includes 200mb of data transfer per day with an option to updgrade. This VPN service is great for protecting your browsing information and privacy.

3. Safe Files
Bitdefender Safe Files can prevent any unauthorized changes to your files. You need to simply add files to the ‘watchlist’ Bitdefender guards these files with a sophisticated anti-ransomware system. The only programs that are allowed to access these files are specifically listed in your settings.

Scanning and Real-time protection 
Bitdefender performs extremely well is threat detection tests.
Overall Bitdefender is a great product for all of your devices. We recommend Bitdefender Family Pack to anyone who wants strong real-time protection with the ability to protect their files from crypto viruses.


McAfee Live Safe is one of the newest multi-license products available on the market. It offers the award winning Anti-Virus protection that McAfee users have come to trust.

The McAfee Lie Safe software also offers a 100% guarantee on virus removal. Basically this means that if you have a virus or malware infection on your computer and the McAfee product can’t remove it – you will get your money back.

The anti Spam module is one of the great features of the Live Safe product and is loved by many customers.

Like AVG Ultimate and Bitdefender Family Pack, McAfee Live Safe is offers complete protection for all of your devices including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

Mcafee Live Safe also includes a parental controls module that will ensure you can control the content that your kids are viewing and accessing. Along with parental controls there is a password manager included in the Mcafee Live Safe subscription that allows you to keep all of you passwords secured.