AVG Ultimate 2020


Overall Performance


Number Of Devices Licensed


Threat Detection


Effect On PC Performance



  • 10 Device Licenses
  • Well Known Brand
  • Good Amount Of Extras Included


  • Can Slow PC
  • Some Upsells

Is AVG Ultimate a good choice for your security needs in 2020 and beyond?
Before you make up your mind read our in-depth review on the AVG Ultimate software. This review covers everything you need to know about AVG Ultimate including;

  • An overview on what AVG Ultimate is and how it differs to other Antivirus Software
  • What You Get With AVG Ultimate / How it Works
  • How to Install AVG Ultimate
  • How a standard scan works
  • Performance evaluation for overall system resources

AVG Ultimate Security overview

AVG is a great security software, in fact, AVG Ultimate made it to number 4 on or list of the best internet security software for 2020 AVG, like other internet security software packages protects your device from traditional viruses as well as a number of other types of threats. Anytime someone asks me for my opinion on security software I always mention AVG for two reasons.
1 – The AVG Ultimate package includes protection for 10 devices. Which is perfect for homes with a large number of devices.
2 – AVG is a very reputable company with over 30 years of experience. We see different computer security companies come and go, some change names and some just cease to exist. But AVG has powered through the ups and downs to establish itself as a household name in security.

Whats Included With AVG Ultimate?

Firstly, and the most impressive is the 10 device licenses. You don’t need to worry about buying any extra licenses for additional devices in your house. Every device you have will be covered with the one AVG Ultimate license you purchase.

AVG Tune Up Included Free – Along with the core AVG Security product, you also get the AVG Tune Up tool included in your AVG Ultimate subscription. The tool allows you to optimize your system to increase performance (more on this below).

Mobile Device & Smartphone Protection – The AVG Antivirus Pro and AVG Cleaner Pro apps are available to download in your app store. You can login with your AVG account to activate the pro licenses under your AVG Ultimate subscription.

AVG Ultimate Install and Setup

AVG Ultimate is slightly different from other Internet Security and Antivirus software when it comes to installation, the initial installer file is only 4mb. The remaining installation files are downloaded during the installation process. One of the features which users really like about the AVG Ultimate package is the simple and quick installation.

Once AVG Ultimate is purchased it is extremely easy to setup on all of your devices. You can simply;

  1. log in to the AVG My Account page and find all of the download links you need for your PC, MAC and Android devices.
  2. The initial file download is very small at only 4mb. Once you download and open the installer you are greeted with a log in page simply use your account information to login and you are done. No need to enter license keys or any other information.

The total install time on our test PC was just under 7 minutes. (The PC we use for testing is around 5 years old and has a 12mbps internet connection.)

One interesting feature that AVG Ultimate offers is a notification if other Antivirus / Internet Security software is installed. Rather than just turning off the competing software, like other brands have been know to do. AVG places itself into Passive Mode and asks you if you would like to either remove the competing software or turn on AVG anyway.

note : Having multiple Antivirus / Internet Security software installed and running on the same machine can cause errors and reduce overall system performance dramatically.

Download AVG Ultimate
The Initial Install Process Took approximately 5 Minutes On Our Test PC
Log In AVG Ultimate
To activate your AVG Ultimate subscription, Simply log in to your AVG Account
AVG Ultimate Passive Mode
AVG’s Passive Mode is a nice feature that ensures you do not have conflicting security software running

Scanning and overall threat detection

We loaded our testing PC with a number of dangerous files. We ran the AVG Internet Security scanner on the PC and came back to the following results.

Number of know threats loaded on to the test PC : 164

Of the 164 files we loaded on to the PC the AVG software was able to detect 158. This is a good result and is higher than we expected from AVG.

The total scan took 48 minutes.

Note, the testing PC we use is 5+ years old and is equipped with a dual-core processor, 2GB of ram and a clean install of windows 7. We use this PC as it gives a worst-case-scenario when it comes to speed of scans and overall performance.

The AVG Tune Up tool included with AVG Ultimate is pretty awesome! It includes a number different components that help to keep your computer running fast.

    1. Maintenance- Scans registry, Startup procedure, disk defrag and more
    2. Speed Up – Runs the maintenance module + looks after background programs running
    3. Free Up Space – Removes temp files, unwanted browser history + more
    4. Fix Problems – Identifies out of date software, drivers and hard drive errors
AVG Ultimate Complete Tune Up List
AVG Has a huge range of tune up tools available

Sure, AVG has it’s down sides, but do they really matter to you?

Many people think that AVG is an inadequate software. Customers have reported the following as reasons why they have opted for other brands.

” AVG has to many pop-ups ”
” AVG is crashing all the time ”
” AVG Slows down my computer ”

So, are these people right? Should you avoid AVG because of these reasons?

We don’t think any of these reasons are good enough to warrant avoiding AVG as an option for your security needs.

There is a myth in the Internet Security world that AVG is not as ‘smart’ as other products when it comes to detecting viruses and threats on your device. This is simply just not true. AVG has performed extremely well in our tests for detecting threats and stacks up just as well as many of the leading brands.

It’s official… AVG ROCKS!

The simple fact is that AVG Ultimate is one of the only products out there that offers 10 device licenses under one subscription.

Right now you can Get 20% off on the all-in-one, best-in-class AVG antivirus & tuneup combo(AVG Ultimate). you are really getting some great value here. The average household has 10 devices, including PC’s, Laptops, Phones and tablets. Some households will have even more than 10! So if we look at it this way, if you protect all devices with AVG Ultimate then you are really paying just $9 per year per device, now that is good value!

As always if you would like any more information about AVG Ultimate 2020 please feel free to contact us directly or leave a comment below.