Personal home security routers and firewall appliances can offer complete control over all of your internet connected devices without the need to install complex software. They are particularly popular with consumers who want to monitor and manage what their children are doing online. They can also be used in small business environments to manage employee internet use. Home Firewall devices have gained popularity in recent years, mainly for their overall value against the amount of internet-connected devices the average home owns. Personal home firewalls are also intelligent and boast machine learning capabilities, which means they are always getting smarter.

Most home security firewall devices connect straight in to your existing modem or router. This means that you can keep your whole family safe online and there is no need to reconfigure your existing router, modem or internet connection. Home security devices like the ones in this list are intended for families, small businesses and those who want full control over their network. Users can now manage all of there internet-connected devices from a central ‘dashboard’ within the security device rather than installing and managing software on individual computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These devices can help you in protecting your children when they are online and you can also limit access to certain websites, apps, and services.

In the past, there was a downside to using home security firewall devices. The price of purchasing a device to manage all of your internet connected devices was extremely high. Fortunately these devices are now very affordable and very easy to install in to your home network.


Bitdefender Box packs a mighty punch! With an inbuilt 1.2Ghz Dual-Processor and a 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, the Bitdefender Box is amazingly fast.

One of the things users loved is the amount of support offered by Bitdefender’s staff.

Bitdefender box automatically detects and optimizes all of your devices in the first 48 hours after it is setup.

The Bitdefender central App (available on both Android and iOS) allows you to control and check all of your Iot devices.

Setup Bitdefender Box on Iphone and Android

License Length Included: 1 year subscription to BOX Service and Bitdefender Total Security 2019 Unlimited (security + anti-virus protection for Windows, macOS and Android devices)
Difficulty To Configure: Easy
Things To Be Aware Of: Ongoing subscription costs after 12 months


The Cujo home firewall offers 24/7 protection for all devices connected to your WiFi router. Cujo’s artificial intelligence algorithms ensure maximum protection against ransomware, malware and viruses.

CUJO has awesome parental controls that let you set up different profiles for your family members and friends. You can limit social media access and block offensive / dangerous websites seamlessly.

CUJO packs a 1gb ethernet connection so you wont be slowed down when using the CUJO home firewall. The device protects all of your devices including laptops, smartphones, laptops and desktop PC’s.

License Length Included: 12 Months
Difficulty To Configure: Easy
Things To Be Aware Of: Ongoing subscription costs after 12 months


The Gryphon Secure Router is one of the lesser-known brands when it comes to home firewall appliances. That doesn’t mean that Gryphon doesn’t have an awesome product! One of the most impressive things about the Gryphon Firewall device is the parental control features. You can easily manage & protect your children online with the Gryphon app (available on Android and iPhone). Features such as content filtering, viewing browsing history and setting bedtimes/homework times make the Gryphon Firewall Device a popular choice with parents.

License Length Included: 12 Months
Difficulty To Configure: Easy
Things To Be Aware Of: Ongoing subscription costs after 12 months



We have left the information about the Norton Core Router on this page as it is still available to purchase through some outlets. This section of the page will be removed with the 2020 Best Home Firewall Device list.

The Symantec company was built on providing the very best cybersecurity software solutions in the world. The company, which started in 1982 is now one of the go-to brands when it comes to security software. Symantec (Norton’s Head Company) has recently expanded its’ offering to physical security devices for households. In particular the Norton Core Secure WiFi Router has really impressed users looking for a secure, simple and most importantly, reliable device manage security.

Norton Core Secure is fantastic for protecting all of your connected computers, smartphones and tablets. But the most impressive feature is the ability Norton Core has to protect your IoT devices eg; your Smart TV, Internet connected heating system, Wifi light bulbs and similar devices.

License Length Included: 12 Months
Difficulty To Configure: Easy
Things To Be Aware Of: Ongoing subscription costs after 12 months


Although it is not specifically advertised as a home firewall device, the Circle With Disney device is a great solution for anyone looking to protect their home network.

Circle with Disney is small enough to fit in your hand and easily connects to almost any home router. The Circle with Disney device has a reasonable price for a seriously strong online protection system. Since the device is built by one of the worlds biggest companies, Disney, it is easy to find a lot of help on the official Circle With Disney website and forums.

There are so many great features built in to the device that we have created a full review here for those of you who are serious about securing the online activities of your children. Consumers have been impressed with the devices simple user interface and rewards system.

Circle with Disney gives you the ability to not only limit what your children can view on their devices it also allows you to limit the time they spend on apps and games. One of the great features that has consumers raving is the ability for you, the parent to receive a real time notification on your device when one of your kids has used up their allocated time limit on an app.
Another great feauture of the Circle With Disney Home Friewall Appliance is the app that is included