The Best Internet Security Software in 2018

Internet Security Software is one of the most popular security solutions for your home computer or laptop, whether its for your desktop computer, gaming rig or business computers.
Countless people prefer the complete security that an Internet Security suite offers. Getting the best internet security software is one of the most affordable ways to keep your device secured. I can assure you that it will be a lot cheaper for you to protect your device with internet security now than pay for someone to fix it if it becomes infected.
You are probably familiar with the saying “you get what you pay for” this is no different. Although there are many free internet security and Antivirus programs available paying for a reliable and complete software will ensure that you can keep your device protected.

#1 Webroot Internet Security Complete 2018

Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete has come flying out of the blocks in 2018! Consumers are loving the simplistic approach Webroot takes on securing all of your devices.  Unlike some competing products the Webroot package includes security for smartphones and tablets. One of the most intriguing features of this software is the 25gb of included cloud storage. Giving you peace of mind that your files are backed up and secure. The cloud storage is a great feature that allows you to easily and quickly put files in to your cloud backup account through the standard windows file manager. Webroot also includes a real-time firewall and network monitoring feature which protects you from unwanted, dangerous programs and website traffic.

Webroot is known for quick, accurate scans and also features an online banking protection system that will keep you protected in real-time when making online transactions. Like hundreds of other users, you will love the reliability, speed and ease of use that Webroot Internet Security Software offers.

Webroot leverages a cloud-based architecture to keep your system running smoothly without being bogged down by this software. This cloud-based architecture is not a new technology but is becoming more popular across security programs. By having the virus database in the ‘cloud’ the size of the Webroot software is drastically smaller than that of some of the competing products.

License Devices : 5 

License Period : 1 Year

See Our Full Review Here

 Easy to use
 Super fast scans
 Light on CPU usage

 Difficult to change some settings
 Can’t scan while offline on all versions
 Hard to move files stored on Webroot cloud

#2 Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefenders newest release, Total Security 2018 offers a number of new features as well as improvements to some of the key functions of the software.

One of the most impressive features of the Bitedefender Total Security package is the webcam protection module, which is completely new to the 2018 version. This feature displays a message whenever an app or program ties to access your webcam, giving you the choice to either block or allow the webcam to be used. Another significant addition to the new version of the Bitdefender offering is the Safe Files function. Which allows you to select files and folders which are most important to you, Total Security will block access to these files by any program that you do not specifically allow access to. This function can protect your files from Ransomware attacks.

Licensed Devices: 5

License Period: 1 Year

 Very Accurate Threat Protection
 Webcam Protection
 Mulit-layer Ransomware Proteciton

 Expensive compared to other products
 Can be heavy on CPU
 Support can be hard to deal with

#3 Kaspersky Total Security 2018

Kaspersky Total Security Product Image

It is no surprise that Kaspersky Total Security is on this list. With over 55 independent awards and rave reviews from hundreds of customers. Like Kasperskys previous releases the 2018 version boasts a range of security features to protect your whole family.

One of the key safety features of the Kaspersky software is the Safe Money tool. The tool works by opening a secure browser window that adds an extra layer of security when making transactions online.

Like some of the other software in this list, Kaspersky offers protection for kids. The family protection component also includes protection for social networks.

Overall, Kaspersky Total Security performs well while conducting scans and does not hog resources from the system unlike some competing products. Kaspersky is known for being pro-active in finding and protecting against the latest threats.
Licensed Devices: 3
License Period: 2 Years

 Simple Interface

 Countless AV Awards

 Secure Connection VPN Included

 Can Slow Internet Usage

 Tries to update other programs on PC

#4 AVG Ultimate Security 2018

AVG is a household name when it comes to security. Starting in 1991 the AVG name has been one of the most popular ever since.

Similar to the Bitdefender Internet Security the AVG Ultimate package includes webcam and ransomware protection.

The number one reason that the AVG Ultimate platform has been included in this list is the unlimited device licenses that are included. This is the only Internet Security program that does not have a limit on the amount of devices you can install on. You can install the AVG Ultimate software on your PC, Mac or Android device.

AVG also include a premium tune-up tool in the package. The tune-up tool helps to keep your device running smoothly by cleaning up memory space, unwanted temporary files and junk files.

AVG Ultimate also offers an improved firewall system to keep out unwanted intruders. Read our full AVG Ultimate review here

Licensed Devices : UNLIMITED

License Period : 2 Years

See Our Full Review Here

 Unlimited Device Licenses

 Excellent Android App

 Absolutely Best Value For Money

 Firewall Can Over Protect

 Can Be Difficult To Remove

 Slows Down PC During Scanning

#5 McAfee Total Protection 2018

Want an Internet Security Software that is strong, fast and easy to use? Then McAfee Total Protection be should right in the mix for you. Users will be familiar with McAfee’s software as the company is more than 30 years old.

Like the previous version of Total Protection, the 2018 release has free support, multi-device license options and an inbuilt password manager.

The password manager is one feature that customers are loving. We are living in a world of information and accessing that information on different websites and platforms usually requires a sign up process. If you have read our guide on using passwords properly you will know that you should never use the same password more than once. The McAfee Password manager allows you to store all of your passwords securely. You simply need to remember one ‘master’ password to keep all of your other passwords secure.

One thing that has frustrated customers who purchased the Mcafee Total Protection software is the time it takes to complete a full system scan and the amount of system resources that are used to complete the scan. Many users reported large amounts of system lag when running a full system scan.

Something we haven’t seen in other, competing products is the 100% virus removal guarantee that McAfee offers. Basically is your PC gets infected and one of the McAfee techs can’t remove it via remote login, they will refund your money. Side note: This feature requires an auto-renewal subscription.

Licensed Devices : 5 (up-gradable)
License Period : 2 Years

 Money Back Guarentee

 Spam Protection Is Very Good

 Timer Controls for Kids

 Can Have Issues During Install

 Hard To Remove

Price changes after 1 year

#6 Norton Security Deluxe 2018

Norton is a household name when it comes to computer security and with the latest, deluxe edition being released in 2018 it is no surprise that it has made it to this list.

Like Norton’s previous Internet Security releases, you can expect reliability, strong protection and frequent updates with the new deluxe edition. One great feature that can be particularly helpful for novice computer users is the unlimited access to a security technician. Norton offers this service 24/7 at no extra cost. This level of support is not seen most of the other Internet Security Software packages.

Norton Security Deluxe also includes 25gb of cloud storage so that you can keep all of your files secure. One of the downsides of using the 25gb of included cloud storage is that if you ever decide to move to a different Internet Security Package you may find it difficult to move the files you have stored in the cloud to another cloud backup system.

Licensed Devices: 5
License Period: 1 Year

 Money Back Guarentee

 Spam Protection Is Very Good

 Timer Controls for Kids

 Can Have Issues During Install

 Hard To Remove

Price changes after 1 year

#7 Trend Micro Maximum Security 2018

Trend Micro is known for consistently releasing high quality, powerful security software. The newest version of Maximum Security is no different.

A few highlights in this release include

Extra folder protection
Traditional Antivirus protection included
mobile protection included
One of the things you will love about the Trend Micro Maximum Security software is the Xgen Email security. The Xgen technology utilizes machine learning systems to give your Office 365 powerful Email protection.

Device Licenses: 5
License Period: 1 Year

 Money Back Guarentee

 Spam Protection Is Very Good

 Timer Controls for Kids

 Can Have Issues During Install

 Hard To Remove

Price changes after 1 year

#8 Bullguard Internet Security 2018

BullGuard Internet Security 2018 is not the most popular product on the market, but that is not to say that it can’t keep your devices secure!

Bullguard boasts a robust firewall, simple interface and multi device license options.

The vulnerability scanner included with BullGuard gives you real-time notifications if you are missing any important security updates. It also notifies you whenever you are connected to an unsecured Wifi network.

One feature that has been added to the 2018 version of BullGuard Internet Security is the Game Booster. Which is a great feature that blocks popups and other annoying interruptions while optimizing CPU performance to ensure that your gaming experience is smooth and satisfying.

Device Licenses: 3
License Period: 1 Year

 Awesome Gaming Mode Feauture
 Simple Interface
 Strong Firewall

 Support can be difficult
 Threat detection not as strong as others
Conflict issues with other software

#9 ESET Internet Security 2018

ESET has been a market leader in security software for over a decade and 2018 is no different. With the 2018 release of ESET Internet Security boasting a variety of convenient and impressive features. ESET currently protects over 100 million devices world wide and is partnered with some of the worlds leading company’s including Canon , Honda and Toshiba.

An impressive feature that has been added to the 2018 version is the UEFI Scanner. The UEFI Scanner protects your system agains deep-level threats that infect your system before Windows starts.

Similar to the Kaspersky product, ESET offers online banking / payment protection by encrypting the data transferred between your keyboard and browser, to ensure your transactions are safe and secure.

ESET is known for speed and accuracy of threat detection. The newest version of ESET leaves a very light footprint on system resources and the cloud based scanning technology improves the overall speed and performance.

Device Licenses: 3
License Period: 1 Year

 Consistent Protection
 Quick Scans
 Highly Regarded Company

 Slow Install Process
 Some Options Hard To Find
Can Slow Network

#10 AVAST Internet Security 2018

Some readers have questioned our opinion on Avast’s Security Software in the past but we have continued to back the company which started all the way back in 1988. Since then AVAST has had many ups and downs.

The new release of Avast Internet Security has really impressed us at Not only has there been new features added but Avast has a great price point.

Avast is the perfect Internet Security Software for light internet users. If you want simple, affordable protection then Avast is for you. You can have the software setup on your PC in less than 10 minutes and a scan should start automatically once it is all setup. Another great thing about Avast is the Sandbox mode that allows you to test software or downloaded files without the risk of damaging your computer.

The Sandbox mode works by simply right-clicking on any .exe file you are skeptical about and pressing ‘run in sandbox mode’. If it does turn out that your suspicion was correct Avast will notify you that the file is dangerous and assist you in removing it.

Like the AVG software, Avast includes a passive mode that allows you to use anther, competing Internet Security product but still utilize features of the Avast software.

Customers claim that the Avast software is a real bargain and the support offered by the company far out performs competitors.

Device Licenses: 3
License Period: 2 Years

 Sandbox Mode Provides Extra Protection
 Easy To Use
 Awesome Customer Support

 Basic Protection Only
 Pop Ups (Upsells)
Hard To Remove Auto Renew


How much security do you need?

How much internet security do you need?

This is a relatively easy one to answer if you consider the following;

  • What are you using your computer or smart device for?
  • How much time are you spending on the internet?
  • What sort of websites are you visiting?

If you are using your computer to send a few emails and check the weather in your local area once a day, then a full internet security software package may not be necessary for you. You may only need an Antivirus software.

But, if you are like 90% of internet users, you are visiting multiple websites daily, sending lots of emails and making bank transactions and online purchases frequently. If this is the case then and Internet Security Software package is going to be the best fit for you.

Our #1 recommendation for 2018 is the Webroot Secure Anywhere Internet Security Complete. Which has really impressed hundreds of customers with its speed, reliability and overall accuracy in securing your computer.

What features do you enjoy?

How many security licenses do you need?

This is a fundamental question that is important when selecting the best security software. Some people are looking for a simple package that doesn’t use a lot of PC resources, while others just want a cheap internet security software that protects them when they send Emails. Regardless of what features you want in an Internet Security software one of the most important factors is getting the RIGHT protection for your usage.

Do you require multiple device licenses?

You know what devices you and your family have around the home, but do you need to protect them all? You can use our ‘Should I protect it’ tool here to work out if you should protect a certain device with a paid security package.

Generally speaking we suggest protecting ALL computers including , laptops , desktops and netbooks. While we also suggest protecting any mobile devices that will be used for internet banking, making purchases online or sending email.

A majority of the Internet Security Software we have reviewed on this page include protection for multiple devices across different platforms. eg; Windows, Mac and Android.

What Internet Security Features Do You Need?

What optional features do you need?

Sandbox Mode

Are you skeptical about files you download from the internet? Sandbox mode allows you to open files in a testing mode to ensure that if there is anything wrong your PC does not become affected.

Gaming Mode

If you are a true gamer then the last thing you want is a pop-up telling you that you have received a suspicious Email mid-game. Some of the Security Software in our top picks includes specialized gaming modes to ensure you can game hard without interruptions.

Customization Ability

Some users love the ability to customize their firewall settings for each program, while others like to set specific scanning schedules for their computers.

Cloud Storage For Extra Protection

Cloud storage is now one of the easiest ways to protect against Ransomware. The truth is that Ransomware is so damaging that in over 80% of cases it is easier to start fresh with a clean install of your operating system and reload all files. Cloud Storage makes this a breeze and with several of our top Internet Security picks having it included it only makes sense that you would choose a Security Software that includes file backup.

The Final Decision

We highly recommend taking a long term view of your Internet Security purchase. Don’t buy an Internet Security package that doesn’t suit your needs just to save a few bucks. You are better to choose a software that will really protect you when you need it, and includes features you will use.

10 thoughts on “Best Internet Security Software 2018

  1. Hi, you did a great review of the different internet security softwares. Which of these types do you recommend or which one are you using? I have tried AVG, Avast, Norton and now I am on McAfee Total Protection. AVG was good, I used it for a while, but Avast charged my card without prior authorization and double the amount I have subscribed, so I cancelled. Norton is good too, I used it for several years. I am happy with McAfee Total Protection, I still have to see how much the cost would by at renewal. But I have all my devices secured by McAfee so I guess it is cost effective. I have not experienced delay in scanning, I have set mine to auto scan. Thank you for the nice review.

    1. Hi  Rebecca, I always recommend having at least an Internet Security Software from this list. To strengthen security further I also recommend a good backup software and for those who want the highest level of security, a Secure Router with Inbuilt security is a must! 

      I have heard that AVAST! and others are known to charge your card without pre-authorization, which can be frustrating.

      Personally, I am always using different Internet Security Software, I am always testing the newest products so my PC is generally loaded up with the product I am testing. 

      In the past I have used all of the products on the list – Each has their pro’s and con’s so the final decision is really up to the user and what they want to achieve

  2. I use Avast and I’m very happy and satisfied with it. I think I have it for 5 years in total, included different laptops and my mobile. It’s very easy to use and I have never had any problem with it.
    To be honest I haven’t tried a lot of others, but I indeed searched and I found that that Avast is one of the best.

    1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for your comment. AVAST! is a great product and it is no suprise that it made it to our top 10 list for 2018. Did you know that AVAST recently acquired the AVG Security company? Dan

  3. I loved how in the number 1 spot of these security products was Webroot. At the software support position in the company I work for, their technical services team uses webroot for our own protection.

    Webroot is definitely my goto number 1 pick, just from the fact that my own team uses it and recommends it.

    Great article! Thank you for all the great information. I love being able to easily compare these technical security products.

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thakns for your comment! Yes, Webroot really is a fantastic product. I am only hearing good things about it in home and business use and I personally prefer it to many other products because of the simplicity and overall speed. Plus it offers a very light footprint on the system which is great news for anyone running an older device. You are welcome back to the site anytime! I have some other great info that you might find useful. A lot of people have been interested in my review of the Circle With Disney Router which has some neat security features!


  4. Hi Dan,

    Thanks so much for this detailed and well-explained information on internet security. I have personally used Norton, Bitdefender, and Avast before. I also know about Kaspersky to be a very good internet security software.

    But I never heard about Your #1 pick -( Webroot Internet Security). I can see from the features that it will be a very good one. I really like the fact that it comes it a FREE 25gb cloud storage where files can be backed up.

    For years, my favorite has always been Bitdefender but for the sake of Your article, I’m going to give Webroot Internet Security a try to see how it works.

    Thanks so much for this useful information.


    1. Hi Stephen thanks for stopping by!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the top 10 Internet security software list the 2018. Yes, web root Internet security complete is an awesome product. Is lightweight, fast and reliable. And the bonus cloud storage is a really great feature especially given the real-world threat of ransomware in today’s online environment. If you want to know more about web good security complete please check out my full review here. Otherwise if you need anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

  5. Hi Dan,

    I have some experience with quite a few from the list and so far, my favorite is AVG and Norton. I have tried Kaspersky but for some reason, it was so resource heavy, so I got rid of it. Then I had Norton and AVG and to be fair those 2 are both great. I think I liked Norton slightly more than AVG. Eset was also very good.

    It is really hard to tell which one to select, do you have any guide on what important parameters we should focus on?

    In my experience, it would be all those malware browsers as the first thing and viruses that change my homepage etc…

    1. Hi Eugen, Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you in that both AVG and Norton are great products. While Kaspersky can be resource heavy it does pack a lot of features which is something many people like. 

      I do have a complete buying guide available for free download actually. it covers everything from how to determine which product your need all the way through to my recommended products for each requirement. You can download it here

      Thanks again for stopping by and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any more helping choosing a security product.

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