Bitdefender vs Norton Security

Bitdefender vs Norton, which is the best Security Software for your devices? We take a look at the ins and outs of both brands to give you an honest review and the information you need to make a decision.

Both Norton and Bitdefender are well know brands in the Internet Security world and both feature in our Top Ten Internet Security Selection. Norton has been a popular choice for for many consumers over a number of years, while Bitdefender has gained popularity in the last 10 years.

Both Bitdefender and Norton offer multiple products depending on your requirements.

Bitdefender Security Products 2018

Bitdefender Options Available

Bitdefender Antivirus Basic
 Basic Protection
 Multi layer Ransomware Protection
 Nice Battery Saving Mode

Bitdefender Internet Security
 Webcam Protection
 Safe Files Feature
 Privacy Firewall

Bitdefender Total Security
 Anti-Theft Mode
 Parental Advisor
 VPN Included

Norton Security Products 2018

Norton Security Products

Norton Antivirus Basic
 Basic Virus Protection
 Protection For Online Transactions
 smart Ransomware Protection

Norton Security Standard
 Smart Firewall Included
 Customer Support Ready To Assist
 100% Virus removal Guarentee

Norton Deluxe
 Multiple Device Licenses
 Online Portal To Control Devices
 Android and IOS Apps

Installation And Setup

Norton Security Setup and Installation

The process of installing Norton Security is fairly straight forward. The software was installed with the Norton Download Manager which is simply a tool that downloads the core files that the software needs to run.

The total install is just under 300mb which is around the average for Internet Security Software.  The total time to install was 13 minutes which included downloading the software files. Once installed you are welcomed with a Norton Security dashboard which is clean and simple. One thing we noticed was a Norton Installation Files folder left on our desktop after the installation completed.

After the installation completes you will need to setup a Norton Account (if you don’t already have one) And sign in with the account. Your Norton Account holds all of your licensing and device information.Norton Security Installation Process

Bitdefender Security Setup and Installation

The process for installing Bitdefender is quite similar to Norton Security. The initial product download is very small and is used as a tool for downloading the main program files. The total install time for Bitdefender was 19 minutes on our testing PC, which was 6 minutes longer than the Norton Install.

Unlike Norton, The Bitdefender installation did not leave any leftover files on the PC.

One nice feature of the Bitdefender installer was an initial system scan which ran before the main dashboard opened. This ensures that if there are any security issues on your device they are rectified before the main software starts.

Bitdefender Security Installation Process

Best Product For Easy Setup And Installation?

Bitdefender Total Security Product Box

Interface And Usability

Norton Security Interface & Usability

The Norton Security interface is visually appealing and navigation is quite easy. The main elements of the interface are

  • Security Tab
  • Identity Protection Tab
  • Overall Performance Tab
  • More Norton Tab

Norton Security Interface

Overall, Norton Security is easy to use. The core functionality is accessible from the dashboard.

One nice feature is the performance dashboard which includes some great features to keep your system running fast! The performance dashboard allows you to

  • Optimize Disk Space
  • Cleanup Junk Files
  • Manage Startup Programs And Change The Programs That Start With The System

Bitdefender Security Interface & Usability

Bitdefender’s interface is loaded with features. The amount of buttons and options in the dashboard can be overwhelming at times. The dashboard home page allows you to perform scans as well as see any issues with your apps and web browsing.

The dashboard also includes a ‘protection features’ section which allows you to turn many features on and off. Generally speaking you won’t need to turn any features off but it is good to know what features are included and can be changed if need be.

Bitdefender Extra Features

Product With Best Interface & Usability?

Bitdefender Total Security Product Box

Protection and Features

Norton Security Included Features & Overall Protection

Norton Security is renowned for scoring really well in independent AV testing. It’s no surprise given the size of Symantec’s research labs.

Our initial scan with Norton Security completed in two and a half minutes. We were happy with this result given the age and spec of our testing PC.

Overall Norton really has performed well in our protection tests. Identifying 170 out of 175 threats on our testing system.

Scheduling scans can be completed from the settings menu accessible from the home dashboard.

Norton Security Initial Scan Results

Bitdefender Security Overall Protection and Included Features

Bitdefender is well known for offering great real-time protection and and ransomware protection. In fact of the 175 threats on our testing PC, Bitdefender found 173 of them. An excellent result! Some of the features that really impressed us with Bitdefender are

  • Webcam Protection – Blocks unauthorized access to your webcam
  • VPN included – Perfect for protecting your privacy
  • System Optimizer – Allows you to keep your system running smoothly

The System optimizer allows you to clean up ‘junk’ files on your computer, clean up the registry and fix privacy issues. It is very easy to use. Offering a  one click optimization.

Bitedefender System Optimizer

Which Product Has The Best Protection & Extra Features?

Bitdefender Total Security Product Box

Bitdefender vs Norton Security Software... The Final Decision

Considering everything in our comparison, we think Bitdefender is the best choice for anyone looking for a complete Security Solution that will protect multiple devices. It is hard to look past the awesome features like the included VPN, the advanced scanning and in built smart browser.

We do however, think that Norton is the better choice for users who want a familiar software without too many extras. If you are looking for a reliable, secure software backed by a world class security company, then Norton is the software you need!

The winner

Bitdefender Total Security Product Box