Malwarebytes is a very popular security software, but can Malwarebytes replace your Antivirus software completely? A common misconception is that Malwarebytes and Antivirus software do two completely different things. The truth is that they really don’t.

What is Malwarebytes, exactly?

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that protects your computer from all sorts of threats. Malwarebytes uses a unique combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and stop all sorts of cyber threats including those that have never been seen before. You can read through more detailed information about how Malwarebytes works in the learning portal here.

Malwarebytes has both a free and paid / pro version. There are some key differences that you might want to consider before you make a decision. The table below outlines all of the features in both the free and premium versions.

Comparison chart showing difference between free and premium Malwarebytes versions

How does Malwarebytes differ from other Antivirus products?

Other common Antivirus products, such as AVG and Norton offer simple protection against computer infections. Traditional antivirus is often referred to as ‘reactive’ for two reasons. The first is that it stores virus definitions (virus information) on your computer. This means that any information on new viruses needs to be added to your computers’ virus definition database through updates. The second reason that traditional antivirus is reactive is that it usually only removes a threat once it is already running on your machine.

Malwarebytes does things a little differently… It uses a complex AI system to detect any anomaly in files and can remove threats before they have a chance to run on your computer. Malwarebytes can protect your device from more than just traditional viruses.

Adware Protection – Commonly referred to as browser infection.

Can Malwarebytes replace your Antivirus?

Yes, Malwarebytes can certainly replace your Antivirus! In fact, Malwarebytes is more powerful than a lot of the Antivirus software on the market. Given that Malwarebytes protects against so many different types of threats, it is no reason that many users are switching to Malwarebytes to keep their computers protected!

The table below shows all of the features that are included in both Malwarebytes and a typical Antivirus software.

MalwarebytesTypical Antivirus
Stops active threats
Adware Protection

The best thing about Malwarebytes

How to make the transition from my current Antivirus to Malwarebytes?

Switching from your current Antivirus is easy. Simply visit the Malwarebytes page here and purchase a license. You will receive an email immediately after you make your purchase. The Email includes a download link that will allow you to install Malwarebytes.

Before you install Malwarebytes, we recommend uninstalling any existing Antivirus Software you have installed.