Why are you removing Norton Security?

Many users find themselves in a situation where they want to uninstall Norton Security Software from their computer. If you have purchased a new computer built by one of the major computer manufacturers in the past, then you are probably familiar with the ‘bloatware‘ that comes pre-installed. One program that is often found pre loaded on desktop and laptop computers is Norton Security or one of its variants (Norton Anti Virus, Norton Deluxe Security). Typically, you will get a 60-day trail of the software before you need to purchase a license. The end of the trial period is usually the time that people decide they want to remove Norton Security.

I created this step by step guide to show users how to properly uninstall Norton Security without compromising any other computer functionality.

But wait… Maybe You Should Keep Norton Security?

This guide is all about uninstalling Norton Security, I know. But have you actually considered keeping it? After all Norton Security is a high quality product that is backed by one of the world’s biggest technology company’s. If you haven’t already taken advantage of a Norton Security trial we suggest doing it. After all, what do you have to lose? Some users really love the support that is offered 24/7 by Norton’s tech team at no extra cost. You can really get a good deal on Norton Security if you do choose to keep it. Ok, enough on that – let’s get started uninstalling Norton Security.


Step 1 – Uninstall Norton Security the correct way

You may think that you can simply remove Norton Security by using the in-built uninstall tool included with Windows. We have found that this does not always remove Norton Completely. We recommend using the following method for removing Norton.

  1. Download and install Revo Uninstaller this is a fantastic tool used by IT professionals all around the world to remove software from computers. Now you can use this great tool as well! Simply visit the Revo Uninstaller website and press the download link. The free version of Revo Uninstaller will be more than enough for what we need to do. Revo Uninstaller Tool to remove any program
  2. Open Revo Uninstaller and find “Norton Security” in the list of programs.Right click and select “Uninstall”.Revo Uninstaller makes removing programs easyThe standard Norton Uninstaller will appear, which you can run through as per any normal un-installation. Please remember to NOT restart the computer when the Norton Uninstall Process finishes.

Norton Removal Notification

Step 2 – Remove leftover traces of Norton

Typically, when an uninstaller is finished you are safe to assume that the program has been completely removed from your computer. With some programs this is not the case. There can be files left over in folders, the registry and even in the start menu! To completely remove all traces of Norton Security we recommend using the leftover file finder built in to the Revo Uninstaller software.

The leftover file finder will appear once the standard uninstaller has finished. When it opens you will see a menu pop-up with scanning options – select “Moderate”.Remove leftover traces of Norton with this tool This will scan your computer for any left over files that were not removed properly. When the scan is complete you will see a list of the files that have been found.Delete any Norton files left after uninstallationYou can select ‘delete’ to remove these files. There may be only a handful of files leftover or there may be a long list. Either way it should be safe to remove these files.Once this process has finished you can exit Revo Uninstaller and restart the computer.

To ensure the process has completed properly, have a look around your computer to see if there are any references to Norton Security still on the system. Always check the;

  • Start Menu
  • Documents folder
  • Program Files Folder – There should not be a Norton Folder still on the computer after the above steps have been completed


Step 3 – Installing your new Internet Security Software

Now that you have removed Norton Security it is time to install your new Security Software. If you have not made a decision on which software you want to install we strongly suggest checking out our Top 10 Internet Security Software for 2018. For small families our best pick is Kaspersky Total Security. For single users, you can’t go past Webroot Internet Security Complete and for families with a lot of devices we recommend Bitdefender Family Pack because of its’ unlimited license feature.



Now that you have removed Norton Security and installed your new security software we suggest completing a quick security audit on your home network. Checking that you are covered on all devices is very important especially for devices that contain important data.We always suggest checking;

  • Internet Security Software is installed and up to date on all PC’s and Laptops
  • All phones, tablets and other portable devices have security apps installed and up to date
  • Correct and suitable parental controls are in place (if applicable)
  • A reliable and secure backup is in place for all of your data


BONUS! An Alternative Way To Uninstall Norton Security Efficiently

Norton does offer a removal tool that is designed to remove all traces of Norton from your computer, sounds good right? It’s not as good as it sounds, in fact the tool on offer is designed to not only uninstall Norton Security but re install it after. This causes even more headaches with users!