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  • Cloud Based
  • So Many Features
  • Great Support
  • Protection For Kids
  • Awesome Password Manager


  • Some Options Hard To Find
  • Options Can Be Overwhelming

Why is everyone talking about Kaspersky Security Cloud? Well, the truth is that Kaspersky has released something awesome in Security Cloud. Imagine having your own, personal, security adviser at your fingertips. With Kaspersky Security Cloud you can have exactly that. Is Kaspersky Security Cloud worth it? We think so! Security Cloud offers a few features that the other Kaspersky products don’t. This review of the newest Kaspersky product will cover all of the features, the differences between this and other Kaspersky products and we’ll have an in-depth look at how the Kaspersky Security Cloud works.

Adaptive Security Software

Traditionally, you would purchase an Internet Security or Antivirus product with a 1,3 or 5 device license. Each computer is protected. Any person that uses that device is protected by the software. Kaspersky takes things to the next level by offering Adaptive Security. Think of adaptive security as your own security adviser, built right into your device. As the name suggests, the software adapts to the environment to protect you. Whether you are using an unsecured WiFi connection or downloading files from an unsafe website Kaspersky adapts to keep you safe.

Your Own, Personal Security Adviser

Kaspersky Security Cloud is smart, we mean REALLY SMART! It will actually give you advice in real time based on the activity you are trying to complete. For example, let’s say you are signing up for a new account online. You enter your name and Email, then your desired password. If the password is easily guessable Kaspersky will prompt you to increase the strength and install the Kaspersky Password Manager.

Another great example of the real-time security advice is the automated connection test which Kaspersky runs whenever you connect to a new network. Let’s imagine you stop by a local cafe for a cup of coffee and notice a ‘free WiFi’ sign pinned up on the wall. You pull out your laptop to connect and do some work. Little do you know that the cafe’s WiFi has been hacked by another patron, who is looking to steal information that you send through the Cafe WiFi. Luckily Kaspersky has your back! In this case, Kaspersky Security Cloud would notify you that the connection is not secure and offers to make a secure connection with the Secure Connection tool, built into the Security Cloud software.

Differences Between Security Cloud & Other Kaspersky Products

How does the Security Cloud edition of Kaspersky compare to other products available? Like Kaspersky Total Security, there are over 15 tools included. The main difference, as the name suggests, is the cloud component.

Kaspersky Security Cloud ReviewHere are a few questions we get about Kaspersky Security Cloud

  • Does my Kaspersky Security Cloud License cover my Android and iPhone? – It sure does! It is compatible with all of your laptops, desktops and mobile devices.
  • Can Kaspersky Security Cloud protect my home WiFi connection? – You bet it can! Kaspersky will let you know whenever a new device connects to your WiFi.
  • Will Kaspersky Security Cloud slow me down? –  Nope! The Cloud-based technologies that Kaspersky uses allow you to work as normal without being slowed down.

So Many Features Included

There are so many awesome features included with Kaspersky Security Cloud that we just can’t list them all. Instead, we have chosen to highlight some of the features that we feel define the Security Cloud software.

  • My Kaspersky Account – Which allows you to manage all of your devices from one centralized dashboard.


  • Extended privacy options – The additional privacy options included are awesome! They even allow you to block websites from collecting your data.
  • Protection For Kids – Kaspersky Safe Kids(included with the family license) protects your kids from inappropriate content and allows you to manage the amount of time they spend online. (more on this below)
  • Password Manager – The password manager can help you generate and store secure passwords. With one ‘master’ password you can easily store all of the passwords you need for all of your accounts.
  • Data Encryption – Kaspersky Security Cloud also includes the ability to encrypt your files for an extra layer of protection. The encrypted files are stored in a vault and protected by a password. This is a great feature which adds an extra layer of protection against ransomware.


Kaspersky Security Cloud Review - Extended Privacy OptionsKeep The Kids Safe

There is a tool included that can help you give additional protection for your children online. It’s called Kaspersky Safe Kids, and frankly, it’s awesome!

Kaspersky Safe Kids will help you:

  • Protect your kids from inappropriate content online.
  • Manage and maintain the time your kids are spending online.
  • Set time schedules for when your child can play games online or use social media.
  • Protect your kids’ safety on Facebook: Safe kids allows you to monitor any posts which mention your child and review any friend list changes.
  • Get reports on your child’s online activities.


Cloud-Based Technologies Are The Way Of The Future

So many Internet Security/Antivirus brands are now implementing cloud service into their products. There is no denying that cloud-based technologies are here to stay. The word “cloud” gets thrown around a lot when it comes to anything I.T related.

If you are looking for a complete solution for your security needs that includes protection for your kids, then Kaspersky Security Cloud is the perfect solution for you and your family. Not only do you get the peace of mind knowing that you are protected by one of the leading security brands in Kaspersky. But you can also rest assured knowing that you will have your own security adviser helping you and your family to stay protected.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Review