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  • Can Be Confusing At First

Do you have a list of passwords written in your diary? Maybe you have a spreadsheet of passwords on your desktop? Don’t tell me you are using the same password for every account you sign up for? Our Keeper Password Manager Review will explain why you should be using a product like Keeper to secure your passwords.

Did you know, over 68% of people use the same password for multiple accounts?

With Keeper Password Manager you can easily manage all of your passwords without having to write them down. The

How Keeper Password Manager Works

Driven by an advanced software, Keeper Password Manager takes care of all your passwords. You have one ‘master’ password. This is the only password you will ever have to remember. Keeper stores all of your password information in a secure cloud storage facility. The password data is encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone but you.

You can use Keeper to store passwords from all of your apps, websites, programs and online banking platforms. The simple interface allows you to easily control all of your sensitive information.

Keeper Password Manager Review - Encryption Done On Your Devices

Two-factor authentication, an extra layer of protection

To add an extra layer of protection, Keeper Password Manager offers Two-Factor Authentication. Two-Factor authentication is an authentication method that requires two authentication factors. Keeper uses something you will know (eg; your master password) and something you have in your possession (your phone) to provide users extra security in the case where your master password or device is compromised. Basically, if your master password is compromised, you can still verify your identity with your phone. Keeper will send an SMS to your phone with a random password that you can enter into the Keeper system to verify that it is you. Two-factor authentication is becoming very popular.

How secure is Keeper Password Manager?

VERY! Keeper password manager uses 256 bit encryption, which is the industry standard in IT security. One of the great security features that makes Keeper Password Manager unique is the way the software encrypts and decrypts data. All of the encryption and decryption is done on the sures device. This means that your are in complete control of your data. Keeper stores your password data in an encrypted state, the data can only be decrypted by the device that encrypted it (your device).

It Works On All Your Devices

Keep Password Manager offers password management for all of your devices.

Android App – Easily downloadable from the Play Store. The android app gives you complete access to all of your passwords.

IOS App – Like the Android app, the IOS app gives you complete control over your passwords and allows you to quickly access them.

Internet Browsers – A Keeper Password Manager extension is available for all browsers. This extension allows you to easily and quickly insert your saved passwords into websites.

Licenses – How many devices / people can it protect?

Keeper Password Manager Review - Generate Military Grade Passwords
Keeper Password Manager Can Generate & Store Passwords With Ease

Licesnsing for Kepper Password Manager is simple. You can either purchase a single user license for $2.50 per month or a 5 user license for just $5.00 per month.

Both licenses have the following inclusions;

  • Unlimited devices – Whihc means you can use Keeper on as many devices as you own
  • Unlimited Secure cloud backup – Store as many passwords and logins as you like
  • Fingerprint login – Allows you to login securely with your fingerprint
  • Reliable 24/7 support – Keeper support is helpful and knowledgable
  • Web App – This tools allows you to manage your paswords quickly and easily when visiting websites

Who Needs To Use Keeper Password Manager?

Honestly, everyone! I can’t keep count of the number of times I have helped people with an IT issue only to see a ‘passowrds’ spreadsheet on the desktop. It’s like leaving your keys in the front door when you go on vacation!

On average, typical internet users have 15 digital accounts that require passwords. Keeping in mind that you should never use the same password twice, that’s going to be a lot of passwords to remember. Keeper takes all of that stress out of your life simply and efficiently. At the price of a coffee per month, it only makes sense that you would use a password manager to generate, store all of your password data.