How to remove Kaspersky Secure Connection permanently (In 5 minutes)

After receiving several requests on how to remove the Secure Connection VPN software that comes bundled with Kaspersky I have decided to put together a tutorial. Before we get started let’s take a quick look at what Secure Connection is, and work out if you actually need to remove it.

What is Kaspersky Secure Connection?

Kaspersky Secure Connection is a VPN software that hides your IP address and secures your internet connection. This is especially useful when using a public WiFi connection. You can check out our full review of Kaspersky Secure Connection here.

Is It Safe To Remove?

Absolutely, Kaspersky Secure Connection is an independent program. Kaspersky Internet Security does not need it to run. If you recently purchased a Kaspersky product and installed it, you may have noticed that a Kaspersky Secure Connection icon appeared on your desktop. Kaspersky automatically includes the free version as a part of all of the paid Kaspersky security products. Removing safe connection does not effect any of the other Kaspersky products installed on your computer.

Uninstalling Secure Connection

One simple way to remove Secure Connection is to simply use the “Remove Progams ” function in the Windows control panel. This is an effective way to remove the program but it does not always remove all of the left over files associated with Kaspersky Secure Connection .

If you are looking for a more complete removal process we would suggest using Revo Uninstaller. There is a free version that you can use to remove all sorts of software on your PC.

First, head over to the Revo Uninstaller website and download the software. The free version is plenty for what we need, but the Pro version is awesome! Be sure to check it out when you are on the site.

Using Revo Uninstaller to remove Kaspersky Secure Connection

Cleaning Up Any Left Over Files

Once you have found Kaspersky Secure Connection on the list of installed programs, right-click and press ‘Uninstall’. This will trigger the inbuilt Kaspersky uninstaller to start. When the uninstall process has finished, you will see a list of leftover files that the uninstaller probably missed. All of the files should have a ‘check’ next to them. All you need to do to remove them is press ‘delete’. Some files will only be removed after the computer is restarted.


VPN Choices You Can Use Instead Of Kaspersky Secure Connection

There are a number of alternate products that will meet all of your needs. We recently reviewed Webroot Wifi Security. Like most VPN products available, Webroot WiFi Security has a variety of servers all over the world. Some other popular VPN products are

– Nord VPN


– Express VPN

Most leading Internet Security providers now provide a VPN product for free. Unfortunately, though, these free VPN’s are often limited by bandwidth limitations and a limited amount of server locations.

If you need more information on Kaspersky Secure Connection alternatives please leave us a comment below.