Trend Micro Maximum Security 2020


Overall Performance


Number Of Devices Licensed


Threat Detection


Effect On PC Performance



  • Password Manager Included
  • Includes Mobile Protection
  • Secure Folder For Ransomware Protection
  • Good Parental Controls


  • Full System Scans Are Slow
  • Can Slow PC When Scanning

Our Trend Micro Maximum Security Review will show you why so many people choose to use it on their desktops, laptops and smartphones. In fact, it made it to number 7 on our Top Internet Security List.

In our discussion, we will show you the Trend Micro Maximum Security software in depth. I’ve been using it already on and off for months and all I can say it’s that I’m glad I made this investment.

What is Trend Micro Maximum Security?

Trend Micro Maximum Security is an antivirus / security solution that can work on up to 10 devices. It’s like, you buy it once, and then use it for as much as you need. Most families own multiple devices devices which is why the 10 licenses are a great feature.

You can use it both for Windows and Mac, or on Android and IOS.

For both of the cases, the interface is the same. Nothing’s changed. This is a good reason why you should give this antivirus software a chance.

What’s Included With Trend Micro Maximum Security?

The Trend Micro Maximum Security Antivirus Module protects you and your device from spam, phishing, and all types of malware including rootkits and ransomware.

For the mentioned prices, you get some premium features that may seem exceptional for an antivirus software:

Advanced Ransomware Protection – One of the best features of the Trend Micro Maximum software is the folder shield. It protects your files from ransomware so you don’t need to worry about extra backup in the case of a Ransomware attack. The folder shield also protects your cloud files that sit on your computer, for example your OneDrive & Google Drive files are fully protected by the folder shield included with Trend Micro.

Online Payment Protection – This protects you when making payments online. This is a great feature for anyone who shops regularly online.

Password Manager – The password manager makes remembering your passwords a thing of the past. Simple to use and easy to setup, the password manager auto fills login info on websites so that you can securely log in without having to worry about writing down any passwords.

Mobile Protection – The license also covers smartphone devices. The Trend Micro app is available for both IOS and Android. The mobile protection has a similar(and familiar) layout to the desktop version

Smartphone with Trend Micro Mobile App Open

The privacy scanner;The social networking protection;The pay guard feature;And data theft protection are all fairly new features that really put Trend Micro in front of the competition.

You also can configure the Parental Controls feature. This one is made to block objectionable material, such as websites that feature gambling, illegal drugs or nudity, and can schedule kids’ screen time.

The overview video below shows you all of the key features of the core antivirus software (5 min watch time)

Interface and Scanning

Its friendly interface allows you to reach every setting you need in seconds. There’s a large Scan button in a circle shape right in the middle of the start-page. This circle changes its color based on the status of your PC.

We know that when the circle is green, everything within our PC is healthy. It looks pretty futuristic if you ask me.

When you press the Scan button, the antivirus will run a quick scan throughout your programs. At the same time, if you click the downward-facing arrow to the right of will offer 2 other alternatives: full scan, and custom scan.

Scanning on our test machine returned Excellent Results. All test threats run on the machine were identified quickly by Trend Micro and removed.

After scanning completes, you are also given the option to optimize your system further. This can give your computer and extra speed boost and keep it running smoothly.

Trend Micro Security Scanning Screen After Completed Scan

License Options

Trend Micro Maximum Security has an introductory price of $50 for five devices. This is an annual subscription. But, if you check their website daily, most probably you’ll find a good offer. In the moment of writing, the annual subscription for 5 devices is $39.95.

If you need to cover 10 devices, things are a little bit different. The price goes up to $60 for the first year and $100 after that. If you break this down between 10 devices, this is only a few cents per device per day.

Much more than that, you get a warning when your license is almost out-of-date. Then you get 3 colors: green ( when your license is up-to-date ), yellow ( when your license expires in 60 days ), and red ( when your license is already expired ).

The best part is that you can also try the TRIAL VERSION of Trend Micro Maximum Security antivirus for 30 days.

The Competition

VS AVG – AVG has many other exceptional features, but it costs more than Trend Micro. However, the only reasonable difference between those two is that AVG has a personal firewall and a smartphone optimizer setting, while Trend Micro hasn’t. I think this is an important step to consider when buying an antivirus program.

However, Trend Micro has live help, phone, and email support for any problem that occurs within the program. In this case, AVG is not as efficient.

VS Bitdefender– Bitdefender is as well known brand with a strong history of delivering high quality security software. You can expect more safety and privacy features than in the case of Trend Micro.

VS Kaspersky – Like Bitdefender, Kaspersky has been around for a long time. I have used them both and I can say they are very similar. But, from my point of view, Kaspersky is does have a few more pesky pop-ups.

Overall, Trend Micro Maximum Security is the one of the best Security products out there. We like it better than some of the other products on the market and think that the amount of features included is well worth the money.

Deciding To Buy Trend Micro Maximum Security

If you are looking for a solid and reliable security software, that will protect all of your computers and smartphones, Trend Micro is a great choice. You can see the latest price here (Discount if you use the link here also). If you need any more info or have a specific question, please let us know in the comments below.