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We have been hard at work reviewing Webroot WiFi Security, one of the newest VPN products available. There is plenty to like about the Webroot VPN. Webroot is actually one of the last big IT security companies to release a VPN product. Companies such as Norton, Kaspersky and Bitdefender have had VPN products bundled with their main security product for well over a year now.

What is Webroot WiFi Security?

Webroot’s latest product is called “WiFi Security” basically, it is a VPN. A VPN is simply a secure connection to a server. It can’t be intercepted and data travelling over a VPN connection is encrypted. This means that all of your internet browsing data is secure. Most of the major security company’s already have a VPN offering, often bundled with their Internet Security product.

Webroot is known for fast, reliable threat detection. The release of a VPN by the company has come a little bit out of left-field. But we’re excited about it!

Like other VPN software, there are a number of server locations available all over the world. Some of these locations include

  • USA (Multiple server locations)
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • Germany

Webroot WiFi Security - Server Options Available All Over The World

Does it work with my current Antivirus software?

Yes! Webroot Security WiFi works with any Antivirus or Internet Security software. Let’s take a look at a few differences between a VPN and Antivirus.

  • Antivirus software protects your device from spyware, viruses and malware. It protects files on the computer from being compromised. One thing that antivirus can’t do is protect the internet traffic that runs between your computer and servers all over the world. This is where the VPN comes to play.
  • The VPN’s only function is to encrypt the data that moves between your computer and the internet. In the same way that an Antivirus can’t protect your internet data, a VPN software can’t protect your computer from viruses.

The best part is that with a combination of an Antivirus software and a VPN like Webroot WiFi Security, you can protect yourself in any internet connected environment. Let’s consider this situation. You are spending the afternoon in your local coffee shop,

Mobile Apps Available!

Not only can you download Webroot Wifi security for your Mac or PC, but you can also download the Android and Ios app. Why is that important? It means you can keep your browsing data private no matter where you are. If you are anything like me, you probably use your phone just as much as your laptop for internet browsing. You probably connect to free WiFi hotspots around your city without considering the fact that your data could be being intercepted.


How Does Webroot Wifi Security Compare To Other VPN’s?

Webroot stacks up very well against other leading VPN services. We have created a comparison chart that compares Webroot against NordVPN and HMA VPN.

ProductNo. Of Countries With ServerNumber Of UsersPrice Per Year
Webroot WiFi Security35up to 5$59.99
HideMyAss! Pro VPN1905$83.88

How Much Is Webroot WiFi Security and How Many Licenses Are Included?

Surprisingly, Webroot is very price competitive. 3 device licenses start from just $39.99 per year. If you need to connect more than 3 devices you can upgrade to the 5 device license for just $20.00 more!

3 Reasons To Buy Webroot WiFi Security Today!

  1. An awesome number of servers available – Over 15 server locations available for you to connect to. Having the ability to connect to a server of your choice gives you the freedom to access country-specific content anytime you need it. For example, you might want to access an article or video that is not available in your country. You can use Webroot WiFi Security to connect to a server in another country and access the information you need.
  2. Connection speeds and data limits – Webroot WiFi Security has no download limits. That means you can connect to any server and download as much data as you like. In our testing, we found that the average download speeds were 7% slower than our standard broadband connection. There will always be a slight decrease in speed when you use a VPN.
  3. Backed by Webroot – Webroot, formally Spy Sweeper, has been around since the early 2000’s. The company has proven year after year that it can compete with the big players in the IT Security sector. Webroot is renowned for great customer service and actually won the 2017 SC award for best customer service.


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