What Is Avast Sandbox Mode

Have you ever downloaded a file from a website you aren’t familiar with? Have you ever been given a program ‘crack’ from a friend who claims it is safe? Have you ever downloaded an Email attachment that looked a little suspicious? Like most of us, you probably answered yes to at least one of these questions. In most cases a reliable Internet Security or Antivirus Software will stop any threat from infecting your device. But what if there was a simple solution that allowed you to run the file in a testing environment that is completely safe? If you are looking for a way to test files like this in a safe environment then you are going to love Avast Sandbox Mode, which is included with the all of the premium Avast Security Products.

What Is Avast Sandbox Mode, Exactly?

Think of Avast Sandbox Mode as a computer inside your computer. In fact it is a virtual environment that is segregated from the rest of your computer system. Basically it is a tool which allows you to run any program in a safe environment and then remove it instantly after your testing is complete.

Sandbox mode will run the app but does not install any of the program files on your computer permanently. Remember that if you install a program or app in the Avast Sandbox and then close the Sandbox, it will not be installed on your computer. I’m telling you this because if the app you are testing is safe you will need to install in OUTSIDE of sandbox mode for it to be installed permanently on your computer.

How Do You Use Sandbox Mode?

Using AVASTS’ Sandbox Mode is easy. Simply open up your Avast software and navigate to the ‘Protection’ menu.

What is Avast Sandbox Mode - Where is Sandbox Mode

Once opened, the protection menu will show you all the available tools you can use to optimize and protect your system. Some other tools included with AVAST are;

  • A WiFi Inspector to identify any network issues
  • An inbuilt software updater that helps you update other software on your device
  • A strong ransomware shield that protects your files from attacks

You will see the Sandbox listed with these other tools. To start it, simply press on the Sandbox icon.

Avast Sandbox Mode Interface

When Sandbox mode starts you will see details of any applications currently running in the Sandbox as well as a big green button to run a new app in the Sandbox.

Press the button to load a file in Sandbox Mode. A file explorer will open and you can choose the file / program you wish to run in the virtualized environment.

App running in Avast Sandbox Mode

Once you have finished testing your app / program in Sandbox Mode you can simply press the “CLOSE ALL” button to end the testing and remove any traces of the program from your device.

Do I need to use Sandbox on every application?

In a word, No! You do not need to run every app in sandbox mode. If you completely trust the website or source where you downloaded the file / application then you probably don’t need to run it in Sandbox mode.

Is Sandbox Mode Safe?

You might be wondering if it is safe to run any program or application in the Avast Sandbox? Check out the video below that shows the infamous WannaCry virus being loaded into Avast Sandbox… The result? All files were left untouched after Sandbox was turned off!

Is Sandbox Mode Free?

Not exactly, it is included with the paid versions of AVAST. You do not need to pay any additional fees for Avast Sandbox it is included with your license.



Avast Sandbox mode is an awesome tool included with all the premium versions of Avast. It really does come in handy when you are downloading programs and files from websites you haven’t used before. If you are looking for a Security Software that allows you to run apps in a testing environment then we can highly recommend Avast Premier 2018.

AVAST made it on to our top 10 list of Internet Security Software for 2018, one of the reasons is the fact that it has tools like Sandbox included.