Circle With Disney


Overall Performance




Ease Of Use


Parental Controls



  • Well Known Brand
  • Excellent Time Limit Function
  • Simple App To Control
  • Ability To Pause Internet On Any Device
  • Fair Price For Inclusions


  • Premium Subscription required for some features
  • Can Slow Internet Speed

What is Circle With Disney?

Circle with Disney is hands down, one of the best Parental Control Routers on the market. If you are looking for a simple way to limit the amount of time your kids are spending online look no further. Circle is a physical device approximately the size of a tennis ball that connects directly to your existing modem / router. It offers a range of capabilities including

  • Content filters
  • Time limits for apps and websites
  • Usage monitoring
  • The ability to pause internet on a device

I know what you might be thinking, This sounds complicated…

Circle with disney is super easy to setup

There is minimal setup time and no significant technology knowledge required to get everything setup.

The device simply plugs into a standard outlet. All of the setup is done through the Circle App (available on both Android and Apple). Once the app is installed you can simply connect to Circle through the app and start setting up the users and their devices from your app.

you will also have the ability to set unmanaged devices, these are devices you don’t want to manage or restrict any internet access to. For example you may have Smart Tv in your bedroom that does not need to be managed.

You can assign devices to different users. Typically each user will have multiple devices, assigning the devices to a user makes restricting access to content and limiting internet time easy!

Circle With Disney is super easy to setup!

What can Circle do to help keep my family safe online?

With the evergrowing number of internet connected devices in households, the need to increase security and gain control over what your family is doing online is becoming more important. Circle allows you to.

  • See what apps / websites your kids are using – Usage is monitored for each managed device and you can see reports for each day. Reports show – What apps have been used and how long for, What other platforms have been used / visited, eg; Email, blogs and chat rooms.
  • Limit the time kids are using devices online – With the simple flick of a button you can set time limits on any managed device. You can limit usage time per app, which is a great feature. For example, you could limit the Netflix app on your childs device to only be accessible for 2 hours per day. Or you might set the the Facebook app for your teenager to only be accessible for 30 minutes per day, just enough for them to check on their feed and upload a status.
  • Filter content that can be viewed on devices – The ability to filter content on your childrens devices couldn’t be easier than using Circles app. The app has four different content filter levels – Pre-K, Kid, Teen and Adult. Each level has different content filtering policies that can be adjusted depending on the child and device.
  • Turn off the internet completely on a device – Circle gives you the ability to completely pause the internet an a device, or all devices that you manage. This featue can come in very handy when chore time comes around, or when your kids need to do a little extra homework.

Does Circle With Disney have ongoing costs?

There are two subscription options. The first is a free option which includes

  • Simple internet filter
  • Ability to pause all internet access on a device
  • Ad blocker
  • Simple profile
  • Safe search for internet searches

These core functions are perfectly fine for anyone who wants to simply limit the time their household devices are connected to the internet.

The premium subscription will set you back $4.99 per month and includes an additional six functions.

  • Time limits
  • Bedtime
  • Offtime
  • Rewards
  • Usage
  • Connections

The connections and rewards functions offer the ability to reward extra screen time or extend time limits for chores and good behaviour. While the usage monitoring function makes it simple to review where your household devices are spending time online.

Circle With Disney has two membership options

Do I need Circle With Disney? + A Few Cool Features

Circle with Disney is fast becoming one of the most popular Parental Control Routers on the market. With an increase in the demand for devices with capabilities to manage family internet usage, Circle is the perfect device to fill all of your content filtering and internet usage management needs.

Many alternate products are available but none match Circle in terms of overall simplicity and feautres. Some of the other cool features we noted were;

  • Battery backup – Just encase someone decides to try and unplug the Circel With Disney it will still run on battery
  • A rewards system that allows you to give extra time for internet use. You can extend the ‘bed time’ of the device and even switch off all time limits for a day.

Other products do over filtering and some control over devices, but for the most part, these are difficult to setup and do require some computer networking experience.



Overall we think Circle with Disney is a fantastic device for any family to have. The ability to manage internet usage and filter content is becoming more important as technology advances. Circle With Disney came it an NUMBER ONE on our best Home Firewall Devices of 2018

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